Operating effectively in your virtual business world

Although technology is essential for working in a virtual business context, even if it does work perfectly, it contributes only about 20% to the success of the work. The ‘soft factors’ around how to run a meeting, how to manage teams, and how to lead a virtual organisation become paramount for being really effective!


Virtual working can be as effective as when you are in the same location. Just cheaper and more time effective.


Virtual Meetings

… require very specific skills & competencies to be effective and engaging!

Using your organisation’s standard platforms, we can …

  • facilitate your virtual meetings to make them most effective, or
  • train you to lead virtual meetings effectively.
Virtual Teams

… need special attention to become high performing!

Using a platform wholly suited to your current communications culture, we provide …

  • tailored programmes to develop virtual teams, and
  • skill development to enable effective virtual teamwork.
Virtual Leaders

… face challenges specific to the virtual context beyond classical leadership!

Using virtual as well as class room based delivery modes, we …

  • develop, in partnership with you, needs-based leadership programmes, and
  • focus on the implementation of acquired skills and competencies.


VLL Virtual-leaders-lounge
Our innovative Virtual Leaders Lounge

We have (re)opened our  Virtual Leaders Lounge. There we offer in an informal setting virtual meetings for business professionals to discuss current leadership challenges and exchange best practises with each other. It is also a way to experience how easy it can be to have effective and valuable conversations in a virtual environment. At a later stage we plan to add a VIP version of the lounge for very personal and highly effective learning experiences.

The beauty of the Virtual Leaders Lounge is: you can join us from anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet access.

Find out more about it here.