Meet us for an informal exchange about challenges related to leadership!


What it is:

Our Virtual Leaders Lounge is an interactive online room where leaders of virtual teams across all industries discuss challenges and experiences related to leading dispersed teams. This supports the development of essential capabilities for leadership in a virtual setting and aims to establish best practice. Each 45-minute interactive session has a specific theme. Participation is free, but reservation is required as there are limited spaces available to keep the discussion lively and everyone involved.

There will be no Powerpoint presentations or prep work – only topical discussions with fellow leaders, facilitated and guided by experts in the field. We will use individuals’ real business situations and experience in order to maximise learning, and offer key tips for an immediate practical implementation.

Subjects planned for the next few sessions:
‘High performance and virtual working: is it a paradox or an opportunity?’CONTENT: How can virtual teams ever achieve the status of high performing teams? Explore with us whether high performance in virtual teams is a paradox or not? Hear and share current practices amongst virtual leaders. Learn what you could bring to your team to boost performance, turning the paradox into an opportunity!.
‘What makes a remote leader more effective? The “must have”-competencies’CONTENT: What are THE must have competencies that differentiate an effective remote leader from an effective local leader? Co-create and learn with business leaders what you should pay attention to when selecting people for or taking on yourself a remote leadership role. Learn through sharing how you can develop the necessary competencies in people if they are lacking them. .
‘The traps to avoid in interactive virtual communication! What makes it effective in practice?’CONTENT: Interactive communication is already hard even when meeting face to face. When the telephone was introduced, people found out that certain “rules” help the conversation. Nowadays we use much more sophisticated tools for virtual communication. What is helpful using these to enable effective communication and turn the interaction into a real dialogue? Exchanging experiences will give you a list of do’s and don’ts to strengthen your virtual communication. .
‘How to prevent technology getting in the way of remote teamwork: What are the key enabling factors to consider?’CONTENT: Technology platforms and applications for virtual collaboration are popping up continuously. How do you know which applications really support your teams in a remote context to be more effective? What do you need to pay attention to when choosing platforms in order to add value? Learn and share what you should consider when selecting applications for your virtual teams/organisation! .

… and more to come!


What it is NOT:

It is NOT a listen-only session! Participation and openness are essential for its success.


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How it works:

It is as simple as 1-2-3: => sign-up => login at the scheduled date => participate in the discussion

All you need is a device with internet access, a webcam and a headset. Simply register and then join us from anywhere.
The final date for each session will be announced as soon as enough participants have signed up and based on preferences they have given during sign-up.




We look forward to meeting you soon to exchange interesting thoughts and experiences!

And if you want to find out more details first, don’t hesitate to  get in touch with us


Experience so far:

Visitors to the predecessor of our Virtual Leaders Lounge are very enthusiastic as they experienced it as a great opportunity of informal exchange and learning. Here are some of their comments:

“Thank you very much, this was a great session to reflect on ways of delivering feedback effectively in a virtual organisation” (HR Professional global service provider)

“I enjoyed the exchange with other leaders and learnt a lot about how I can create more effective and engaging virtual meetings” (Global Project Director, FMCG)