Meeting actual requirements

Do you, your team or one of your staff have a gap in skills or competencies? Is virtual working an increasingly important challenge now more than ever before?

Are you looking for good AND effective training? Or do you have meetings, workshops or events where the desired output is lower than you would like and the people involved leave unsatisfied?

In both these training and facilitation arenas, we can offer you tailor-made solutions, often blended learning approaches, and based on a thorough assessment of your requirements to ensure sharp goals and to get expectations crisp and clear. And we can already draw on a long experience of virtual delivery.

At Con-TACT we believe that personal development never stops and that people in high-performing organisations continuously sharpen and strengthen their skills and competencies to face the challenges of their work in an optimal way.



We design and deliver various types of training in partnership with our clients. These now often take place in virtual settings on our own or our client’s platforms and cover:

  • basic skills and competencies for individuals and teams
  • behavioural areas like

• virtual leadership • personal effectiveness • communication • impact of own behaviour on others • cultural diversity

  • increasing effectiveness of teams – local and dispersed

An essential part of our approach is ensuring that the learning sticks and is applied in the day-to-day practice following the intervention. This ensures to maximise the effect of the training.


With our facilitation support for conferences, workshops, and meetings you can entirely focus on the content and do not have to worry about the process. This way, any meeting or workshop becomes a success. We can deliver in your chosen location, at a setting completely arranged by us or remotely and online through our training platform in highly interactive settings. Our platform specifically allows highly effective training, meetings, and workshops of dispersed teams without the travelling that is usually involved.