Catalizing team performance

Today’s highly complex and often dispersed organisations need to put a heavy emphasis on effective team work. That is essential for success. Yet most teams, whether they are co-located or operating in a virtual context, are far from working at their best.

Con-TACT offers tailored Team Coaching programmes around the following themes:

  • Maximising team effectiveness to deliver high quality results
  • Working in virtual team settings
  • Cross Cultural teamwork in international organisations

… and more.

Coaching catalyses the team development process. It develops deeper understanding of self and others in the team and helps to liberate energy to achieve the team’s and organisation’s objectives.


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Team Coaching for strong relationships in teams


Elevating team effectiveness

In the workshops we work with

  • a mix of self assessment tools,
  • experiential activities and
  • focused discussions on the key subjects
These help the teams to elevate their effectiveness and generally their job satisfaction to much higher levels.

The workshops are always tailored to the specific organisational and cultural circumstances and can be delivered in different languages. We design structure and content in close collaboration with the team leader.