About us

The founders of Con-TACT have created a European network of highly-experienced consultants, coaches and trainers. Most have previously worked at senior level in multinationals and now run independent consulting businesses, focusing on different areas. One challenge we continuously experience is clearly a general issue for our clients: rarely is it technology alone that needs improving but usually team, individual or leadership performance as well and in any possible combination.

From there, the One-Stop-Shop idea was born: A single point of contact for organisations where they can get the expert that best fits their needs, regardless of the issue at hand. We offer Blue Chip experience that small and medium enterprises can afford.


What makes Con-TACT special is the mix of expertise: general management and people-related issues coupled with technology, processing, packaging, product development and supply chain.

Currently we work on a broad spectrum of challenges with both large and small companies, as well as with government and academic institutions and non-profit organisations. We work both face-to-face and via various virtual platforms, as appropriate.

flagsWe work mainly in Europe and in a variety of languages. We help you design and implement solutions for a broad range of problems and offer ongoing mentoring and coaching.

The Team

Bernhard A. Zimmermann
+49 4167 69 9968
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Bert Krijnen
+31 78 614 0964
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Ian M. Clark
+44 1948 770284
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Julia Zimmermann
+49 4167 69 8525
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