From Foundation to Mastery in Leadership

We have designed this programme so that participants are able to pick and choose from those modules that cater best for their needs. As a first guidance we have clustered it in three levels as shown in the graphic below. Based on many conversations we had, the modules that make up each level are covering the most common themes leaders at a particular level of experience need the most.
To help you finding the best combination we will have an exploratory conversation with you clarifying your job requirements, previous training experience and personal aspirations. Based on this evaluation we compile a list of modules covering your development needs.

To access more information about each of the levels and get details on each module, please click on the respective description in the image.


Foundation level modulesPutting solid groundwork in place! This foundation level is designed to support newly appointed leaders to steepen their learning curve by providing the tools to become a better leader faster.
Advanced level modulesBuilding the structure! Once on solid ground, the advanced level is all about expanding on the basics and developing competencies that will increase credibility and respect.
Mastery level modulesNot for the faint-hearted! At this level the emphasis is on perfecting the human aspects of becoming an inspired and inspiring leader.

The learning path of each of the modules follows a general structure:

  • Self-directed pre-work
  • Live web-workshop
  • Follow-up with coaching

All these elements support the optimal learning process known as ’70-20-10′.

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