Meeting actual requirements

Every now and then you might find yourself in a situation where you realise that you or one of your staff are not getting the most out of people.

This can be caused by a gap in skills or competencies, and appropriate training can help.

Typically, training ranges from developing basic skills and competencies on the individual level to training entire (often geographically dispersed) teams.

Individuals often benefit from training in behavioural areas like negotiations, conflict handling, effective meetings, personal effectiveness, communication, impact of own behaviour on others, and cultural diversity.

Teams can be trained in team effectiveness to become high performing teams.

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And then there are often technical areas, be it specific product technology or packaging or more general management topics such as project management. The question is then how to find a suitable training that really meets the learning objectives of the individual or team.

We at Con-TACT offer you tailor-made training which is based on the learning goals of the organisation, the individual or team as opposed to the ready-to-wear standard modules offered by many training agencies.

At Con-TACT we believe that personal development never stops and that people in high-performing organisations continuously sharpen and strengthen their skills and competencies to face the challenges of their work in an optimal way.

External training can be an efficient tool given that the training is really tailor-made for the situation at hand. In our way of working we will first explore with the company and/or individuals to clarify the learning goals before proposing a programme for the training.

The training can be delivered in-company, at a setting completely arranged by us or through our training platform online in highly interactive workshops. The latter allows training of dispersed teams without the travelling that is usually involved. By designing and delivering tailor-made training solutions combined with follow-up after the training, Con-TACT maximises the effect of training of people in organisations.


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