Review of VLD-Café session #4

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Unfortunately, our 3rd session had to be cancelled -so you won’t find a review of it here. We hope this will remain a one-off, as the feedback from participants so far was very positive and encouraging to continue with this new, innovative format even if not many people can really see how it can work. As soon as they have tried, they are convinced. It does work! And the 4th session of our VLD-Café online get-together has proven it again. The subject this time was about What it takes to get high engagement in virtual meetings The different perspectives brought into the discussion...


The Leadership Journey: how to reach the first station?

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Growing as a leader is an exciting development which is often referred to as the Leadership Journey. For a lot of people both the end goal of the journey and the route towards this goal are not clear at the start. Moreover, most of the time there is only limited support for the traveller resulting in a lonely, bumpy and uncertain ride. It is our mission to support people by serving as their travel guide on this exciting journey so that they can bring out the best in themselves. The start of the journey Within companies and organizations, the...