Review VLD-Café session #6

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The original theme of this 6th VLD-Café session was the development of talents in a virtual context. In other words, how to deal with the development of human capital in dispersed teams where you as a leader have only limited line responsibility for the person involved. One of the participants explained that this is indeed a serious issue for him every now and then. With team members located all over the globe, this manager indicated that one is sometimes not aware of local arrangements around appraisals, people development, local laws, ways of working etc. That makes it complicated. Moreover, it is...


How to resolve the loyalty challenge as leader of virtual teams

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Working with virtual teams is a common place in multinational organisations these days. As we all know, next to motivation, loyalty between the local organisation and the virtual team can become a challenge for the people working in your virtual team. This challenge of staying loyal to the local organisation and at the same time to your team/you as their team leader might be aggravated in situations where you, as a functional leader, get only part of the working time of the person assigned to your responsibilities. In the following text, I will outline how I would deal with such...