Book review: Find Your Power

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Subject matter: self management Author: Dr. Chris Johnstone Publisher: Permanent Publications, May 2010 Find Your Power describes how to strengthen your ability to bring about positive change, both in your life and our world. Drawing on insights from addictions recovery, positive psychology, storytelling and holistic science, it includes proven strategies for improving mood, building strengths and increasing effectiveness. The first part of the book introduces motivational enhancement tools that help you become clearer about your direction and more inspired to move that way. The second part offers tools for getting through blocks by looking at creative problem solving strategies,...


Building resilience

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“Building resilience” conversation about Dr. Johnstone’s new book About Chris Johnstone: Chris Johnstone is a medical doctor, addictions specialist and empowerment coach with over twenty years experience of training people in the skills and strengths of positive change. He qualified in medicine, with distinction, in 1986, after a first degree specializing in psychology. In 1989, he made international headlines when he launched a ground-breaking legal action challenging the long working hours of doctors. Although initially dismissed as a no-hoper in law, after six years and ten court hearings, he eventually won his case. The experience that you could defy...


Persönlichkeit, Entscheidung und Verhalten: Warum es so schwierig ist, sich und andere zu ändern

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Please note: as this book is only available in German language, we have not translated the following outline into English. Thank you for your understanding. Wie entscheiden wir und wie sollten wir entscheiden? Die besten Entscheidungen gelten als diejenigen, die möglichst stark vom Verstand und möglichst wenig von Gefühlen bestimmt sind. Insbesondere sollten wichtige Entscheidungen nicht spontan oder gar unbewusst passieren. Hirnforschung und Psychologie zeigen aber: ein beträchtlicher Teil unserer Entscheidungen fällt unbewusst, wir erleben nur bewusst, was unser Gehirn bereits entschieden hat. Bei wichtigen Entscheidungen spielt das rationale Abwägen von Alternativen eine große Rolle, aber Vernunft und Verstand...