The importance of continuous feedback for personal growth

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  Feedback on behaviour and performance is a crucial step in developing people. This is more than the annual performance appraisal: when done on a regular basis it helps people to stay focused on their personal development and growth. Traditionally employees are appraised on a yearly basis. This is frequently driven by remuneration systems and policies and coupled to the “yearly salary increase”. Unfortunately, in lots of companies this is the only tool used for personal development and growth of employees.  According to our views, which is recently also confirmed by an article in Harvard Business Manager (May 2015,...


Employee motivation and engagement

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  How to grow and sustain increased engagement of people in your organization? The following ideas and tips are based on the assumption that intrinsic motivation  is one of the key contributing factors for employee engagement.  Intrinsic motivation comes from within a person and has a strong connection to the person’s self-esteem and self-worthiness. In general, it is connected to positive emotions which create a strong memory and a long-lasting effect.  In a simplified way, I differentiate three levels of possible interventions which have an increasing potential of boosting intrinsic motivation in people: Level: day-to-day recognition and praise Level: use of...