Check-in: the ritual to increase engagement and focus in meetings

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Clients regularly tell us that they have unsatisfactory meetings where the participants are not really engaged. No matter whether a meeting is face-to-face or virtual via phone or video, you need the engagement of participants to make it effective. Therefore, let’s focus on how you can boost that engagement and create focus for your meetings. The magic word is: “check-in”. If this sounds like boarding a plane, that’s indeed not a bad metaphor. At the start of every meeting the host makes a quick round of all participants, checking in with questions like these: How are you today? (How...


Productivity improvement

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A client asked for advice on operating his plant abroad in order to reduce costs and improve output. Whilst this is a common desire (who doesn’t want to reduce costs and increase output?) this was a particular challenge because the factory is complex and has made recent significant investments. Our lead process consultant spent a week on site working with factory and corporate management to create a strategy for developing the site in the wider context of the company and its markets. Many Lean Thinking tools were useful in this process, and a clear vision of a Future State...