Review VLD-Café session #7

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Overcoming intercultural challenges when leading virtual teams … … was this months subject for the VLD-Café. In a lively discussion our diverse group of visitors came up with these fundamental challenges and ideas around the subject: the style of leadership the style and methods of communication building and maintaining a solid and trusting relationship connotations of words in languages which are not mother tongue dealing with conflicts virtually The effects of cultural differences can be amplified because most non-verbal communication is absent. This is important if the going gets tough.     Important aspects Throughout the café session we exchanged...


Book recommendation: Managing Yourself

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Honestly, how often did you come back from a training course and thought “I have heard that before”? It is human nature that we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience which is stored somewhere in our brain and we know what should be done. That’s what most of the coaching models building on: mobilizing the subconscious knowledge we all have. Paul Morgan is aiming to do exactly that with his book „Managing Yourself – coach yourself to optimum emotional intelligence“. Trained as sports psychologist he coached teams in the English and Irish Rugby League. He developed highly...