Know your WHY! – Part 2

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It is a key element in leadership effectiveness. In the first part of this blog I outlined the WHY, our purpose in life, and explained why I believe it is important for you to know and talk about it. In this second part, I will write about how you can get clarity about your WHY, and I will provide some recommendations of books which I found extremely helpful for an exploration and journey to my WHY.   What is NOT a purpose in life in this context? Before diving into some tips on how you can explore or revisit what your purpose in life is, I...


Know your WHY! – Part 1

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It is a key element in leadership effectiveness I have split this blog in two parts. In this first part, I will write about what I mean with the WHY and explain why I believe it is important to know about it and to talk about it. In the second part (next week), I will write how you can get clarity about your particular WHY. So what do I mean with the WHY? In the most simplistic way it is our answer to the question: why do you really get up in the morning? Or: why are you here? Because what we are here...


Check-in: the ritual to increase engagement and focus in meetings

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Clients regularly tell us that they have unsatisfactory meetings where the participants are not really engaged. No matter whether a meeting is face-to-face or virtual via phone or video, you need the engagement of participants to make it effective. Therefore, let’s focus on how you can boost that engagement and create focus for your meetings. The magic word is: “check-in”. If this sounds like boarding a plane, that’s indeed not a bad metaphor. At the start of every meeting the host makes a quick round of all participants, checking in with questions like these: How are you today? (How...


Important for leaders to know: What really motivates people!  – a paradigm shift

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For decades we have been told that the principles of effective motivation are being build on the simple carrot-and-stick model. Generations of leaders have followed these principles in trying to create motivation in people working for them. Even though, over the years, motivational principles contained more finesse they were still built on the old model. More recently, experiments on motivational research revealed that the model of carrot and stick is no longer universally applicable to motivate people. At the times when this basic model was originally researched and developed the majority of the workforce was conducting mechanical tasks which...


The importance of continuous feedback for personal growth

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  Feedback on behaviour and performance is a crucial step in developing people. This is more than the annual performance appraisal: when done on a regular basis it helps people to stay focused on their personal development and growth. Traditionally employees are appraised on a yearly basis. This is frequently driven by remuneration systems and policies and coupled to the “yearly salary increase”. Unfortunately, in lots of companies this is the only tool used for personal development and growth of employees.  According to our views, which is recently also confirmed by an article in Harvard Business Manager (May 2015,...