Book review: Closing the innovation gap

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“Fundamental or scientific innovations are not only important to companies and the economy. They affect everyone’s life” , writes innovation thinker and entrepreneur Judy Estrin in her book. She creates a strong case for innovation building a strong economic future for everyone. Judy Estrin looks at the situation in America and describes underlying causes for the decline of the American lead in research and development of technologies. This deterioration of American industrial strength can be traced back to a failure in continuing a tradition of creative thinking and innovation in every aspect of American life. The spirit of new...


The complexity spiral

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A black hole for budget in innovative organizations? Although complexity is not really perceived as a sensational subject to write about, billions of Euros are sunk in the industry due to unnecessary complexity. It makes one wonder why this subject does not get more attention in many organizations despite the ongoing pressure on cost. It has lingered in organizations for decades and a lot of leaders complain about it; however, not many have really done a lot about it. If not managed carefully, a rather simple product portfolio can turn into a mess and suck a lot of energy...


Complexity Management – how to maintain or create added value

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Interview with Dr. Wolfgang Amann, Executive Director Executive Education, Goethe Business School Frankfurt Short biography: Dr. oec. (HSG) Wolfgang Amann learned his research skills at the Wharton School in Philadelphia and his executive education skills at IMD in Lausanne. After gathering experience in top management consulting, he has been marketing, designing, directing and delivering executive education seminars for a number of years. He directed in the past the Henley Center for Creative Destruction as well as the Henley Center of Excellence in Case Writing. He has also been Vice-Director of the Executive School at the University of St.Gallen where...