Effective Annual Appraisals – Conversation

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This is now the third -and probably most essential- of 4 parts of my thoughts on an effective way to conduct annual appraisals. Parts 1 and 2 see earlier posts. The core: Conducting the conversation To make a feedback conversation in the appraisal process most effective I have 9 aspects which I will describe briefly in the following.  1. The setting of the conversation: For a face-to-face appraisal Consciously select the best location for your meeting. It could be your office but most often a meeting room might be more suitable. A few key principles are : create a...


Effective Annual Appraisals – Introduction

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Do you belong to the group of managers who would rather spend their time on something else than having feedback conversations and conducting annual appraisals? Or do you like feedback conversations and the appraisal sessions with your direct reports? If you consider yourself closer to the first group this new set of blog contributions may be of a great the interest to you. This is the first of 4 parts of a collection of thoughts on an effective way to conduct annual appraisals; either in a face-to-face or even a virtual situation. It is based on my 16 years of...


Managing innovation in the global marketplace – Part 2

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(co-author: Ian M Clark) The following is the second of 3 parts of an article on the challenges around managing the global transfer of innovation in today’s businesses. It was originally written for and published in the “SOFW Kosmetikjahrbuch 2014”. The first part was posted here in July. The Key Factors We continue our series of ‘Managing innovation in the global marketplace’ by looking at key factors when considering building and working with virtual teams. Operating globally has potential geographical and cultural issues. Being a virtual, as opposed to co-located, team requires special attention to communications in particular. And...


Book review: Difficult conversations

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Difficult conversations are those that make your pulse jump, the ones you aren’t sure whether or not to attempt. The authors of Difficult Conversations present tools and a clear roadmap for helping to navigate the bumpy roads associated with these challenging conversations. The book is written in an easy to read, almost entertaining style and gives plenty real life examples. The authors point out why these conversations quickly go from bad to worse. The book highlights three common pitfalls we all make when having such conversations: Pitfall#1: We start with the assumption that we are right and the others...