The importance of continuous feedback for personal growth

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  Feedback on behaviour and performance is a crucial step in developing people. This is more than the annual performance appraisal: when done on a regular basis it helps people to stay focused on their personal development and growth. Traditionally employees are appraised on a yearly basis. This is frequently driven by remuneration systems and policies and coupled to the “yearly salary increase”. Unfortunately, in lots of companies this is the only tool used for personal development and growth of employees.  According to our views, which is recently also confirmed by an article in Harvard Business Manager (May 2015,...


Effective Annual Appraisals – Follow-Up

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This is now the last of four parts about effective annual appraisals. Parts 1-3 were posted in the course of December 2014. Follow-up and continuous feedback For this phase -which generally lasts about 11 months- I consider three aspects most important that help you to have a highly effective appraisal process. 1. Pre-and post training conversations: If you have a agreed that your direct report would attend courses I highly recommend to have a conversation before he/she attends the course with a focus on what (s)he wants to learn through attending the course. As soon as (s)he is back...


Effective Annual Appraisals – Introduction

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Do you belong to the group of managers who would rather spend their time on something else than having feedback conversations and conducting annual appraisals? Or do you like feedback conversations and the appraisal sessions with your direct reports? If you consider yourself closer to the first group this new set of blog contributions may be of a great the interest to you. This is the first of 4 parts of a collection of thoughts on an effective way to conduct annual appraisals; either in a face-to-face or even a virtual situation. It is based on my 16 years of...