Kick-Off workshop – Virtual Board Team

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Team Building with Board members of a Swiss NGO The newly elected president of this Swiss NGO asked for support in kick-starting the collaboration in the board. The team members are dispersed over the whole of Switzerland and will interact as a virtual team. Part of the team was in the board before and some historical baggage was expected to be brought in. In preparation for the workshop the individual members were interviewed to determine the focus areas for the team building programme. In the kick-off programme the team discussed their vision as a team and aligned it with the...


Plant optimisation

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An unexpected call from an old contact led to a trip at very short notice abroad. A new plant was having operating problems and our expertise in the particular product area was requested. Investigation of the plant design and the actual installations highlighted one key process step that was a substantial bottleneck. We have been commissioned to design and trial a solution. The ability to respond at short notice was vital to this assignment, as was the understanding of the culture in the client’s country, which enabled quick and thorough cooperation between the site staff and...


Productivity improvement

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A client asked for advice on operating his plant abroad in order to reduce costs and improve output. Whilst this is a common desire (who doesn’t want to reduce costs and increase output?) this was a particular challenge because the factory is complex and has made recent significant investments. Our lead process consultant spent a week on site working with factory and corporate management to create a strategy for developing the site in the wider context of the company and its markets. Many Lean Thinking tools were useful in this process, and a clear vision of a Future State...


Supply Chain simplification

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When a multinational consumer goods company realised that their supply chains for soaps and detergents had become too complex, they asked what we could do to help improve them. After discussing proposals with Board members, we held a week-long workshop in the principal manufacturing site for soaps, training staff on the technology and exploring options for simplification. Several recommendations were proposed, and implementation is under way. For detergents, an in-depth market study was followed by assessment of the entire manufacturing system leading to recommendations for streamlining current operations and for a programme of capital investment. Recommendations covered not only...


Development of High Performing Team

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Our Client, a globally operating B2B company, was facing the issue that the collaboration between a corporate team and a local national team was far from optimal resulting in a decreased number of market introductions and an increased negative atmosphere. In our approach we interviewed a number of the people involved, designed and executed off-site meetings with all line managers concerned, and analysed the problems using our own models for High Performing Teams. The recommendations were accepted by higher management and are currently being implemented. We are currently setting up (Q4 2013) and rolling out (Q1 2014) a leadership...


Packaging Supply Chain changes

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Our client, a globally operating company, faced the challenge of moving production between sites in different countries. They were facing limitations on usage of existing materials and processes due to differences in logistical requirements, equipment and national standards. In this project we supported our client in internationally relocating the production of packaging materials (from several suppliers in different countries) and the manufacturing of the product itself. Adapting specifications to the new requirements arising from the relocations was only one of the challenges we overcame...