Effective meetings and workshops

Do you have meetings or workshops where the desired output is low and the people involved leave the meeting unsatisfied?

Do you have to organise an event and lack the time and ideas to create the desired sparkling happening?

An independent external person to organise, chair, structure and facilitate your meeting, workshop or event ensures that you can completely focus on the content and not on the process and that the output is maximised.

Based on years of (international) experience, Con-TACT has the capabilities to make your meeting or event very successful.

Building on an extensive interview with you, we will propose a programme and an approach for your event.

If needed, we can also take care of the minutes of your meeting.

Besides facilitation of meetings and workshops, we can also support you in increasing the effectiveness of your business processes.

The people working on these processes are actively involved in our approach to develop and implement feasible improvements.




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Con-TACT’s extensive international executive management experience can give you support and advice. We can also provide training, mentoring and coaching to help the development of people to maximise the efficiency of your processes.