Supporting personal development

Coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Only the person(s) involved decide who will be informed and/or what is discussed in the coaching process.

Together we develop ideal but realistic and appropriate solutions. We remove obstacles which impede your actions and stop you from achieving your goals.

At regular intervals we review your progress and adjust your approach to maximise the effectiveness.

Con-TACT offers you tailored individual coaching programmes around the following themes:

CI - poise

  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Cross Cultural Coaching

… and more.

We will create a number of personal and organisational insights which will form the foundation of our coaching focus. You then select the most appropriate ones in order to accelerate your development as a leader.

Typical themes are: Visionary and inspirational leadership, personal communication and influencing strategies.

We hold regular sessions either face to face, by telephone or a mixture of these to explore your areas for development and create very personal actions helping you to enhance your competencies.


If you want to find out more to see how we could help you, please feel free to contact us direct