The vision that brought our new Leadership Development programme 4.0 to life


e want to support HR professionals and key decision makers to develop great leaders through whom they retain people in their organisations. Therefore, it is essential to grow leadership talent with an exceptionally high ROI for both the leaders and the organisation in order to enhance and sustain the performance of both the individuals and the organisation.


rom many conversations we know that your leaders have different desires & needs depending on their level of experience and level of leadership role. A highly effective programme must provide the right tools to meet these needs. Considering 21st century working patterns it also has to offer an effective way of learning and at the same time minimizing time out-of-work.



e offer a Free Demo Module for you to…

  • experience in a free session how the programme works and the learning modalities planned
  • show-case how we run the programme when in full delivery
  • be able to judge based on personal experience what it will be like for participants to through various modules of this programme

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reat value for the organisation because the programme supports your efforts to…

  • develop and grow leaders who are capable to ensure high engagement and retention of their staff
  • develop your leaders from level to level to enable longer term growth & development
  • have a Leadership Development programme in place to support individual needs AND an exceptionally high  ROI
  • work with only one supplier for the different courses to enable continuity
  • add company specific content to align to with your organisation’s philosophy and needs


transparent structured programme with a balanced mix of…

  • live web-workshops
  • self guided e-learning elements
  • reading and video material for reflection


elivering digestible chunks directly applicable to your leader’s day-to-day practice supported through…

  • individual coaching for deep reflection
  • live group coaching to share challenges and develop solutions