The vision that brought our new Leadership Development programme 4.0 to life


e want to support people that want to grow and develop their leadership capabilities by providing them with the “how to’s” and ongoing support to make the desired step in their leadership development. It is essential that you as a learning leader directly apply the learned how to’s in your own day to day challenges with solid support on demand to ensure effective learning.


rom many conversations we know that you have desires and needs depending on the level of experience and the level of the leadership role you have. A highly effective programme must provide the right tools to meet these different needs. Moreover, you are also looking for an effective way of learning with a minimized time out-of-work.

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e offer a Free Demo Module for you to…

  • experience in a free session how the programme works and the learning modalities planned
  • show-case how we run the programme when in full delivery
  • be able to judge based on personal experience what it will be like for you to go through various modules of this programme

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nderstanding  your needs and desires is combined with our own experience in various leadership roles into a transparent and structured Leadership Development Programme at three different levels enabling you to …

  • pick the modules that you need now
  • direct the application of the learnings to your own day to day practice
  • get support on demand during this implementation


transparent structured programme is offered at three different levels with a balanced mix of…

  • live web-workshops
  • self guided e-learning elements
  • reading and video material for reflection


igestible chunks are delivered directly applicable to your day-to-day practice through …

  • individual coaching (if requested) for deep reflection
  • live group coaching to share challenges and develop solutions thereby generating a learning community